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Bridgeport looks to the future

Innovation has always been the engine of Bridgeport's growth in the construction of air, gas and fluid valves.

Thanks to the investment in new capital goods, continuous training, the search for specialized young personnel and the planning of long-term strategies, the company’s path is characterized by a very positive trend and complete customer satisfaction.

The present gives us the opportunity to develop new projects in the Automotive sector, particularly in the application to electric and hybrid cars, the priority market for our future development.

This is a moment of change and for this reason, very stimulating. Today Bridgeport focuses on the development of electronic pressure measurement applications and sensors and aims to develop devices for measuring other sizes in the future, maintaining and developing the entire product range: valves for cars and motorcycles, for systems of conditioning, for refrigerant gases, for fluids and valves for industrial gases.

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Precision and quality are the hallmarks of Bridgeport valves

Bridgeport is a manufacturing company leader in the production and trade of air and gas valves , essential components for safety and performance. Since 1945, the year it was founded, it designs, develops and produces valves for tires, cars and motorcycles, for air conditioning systems, for refrigerant gases, for fluids and valves for industrial gases.

The goal that makes Bridgeport a recognized brand on the national and international valve manufacturing market is the continuous research , aimed at improving the devices made and the manufacturing processes, combined with the desire to meet the needs of customers thanks to the very high quality of the valves .


Total quality for guaranteed safety

The secret to successful products , whether they are tire valves, air conditioning system valves or refrigerant gases or valves for industrial fluids and gases, is the pursuit of total quality : only in this way does the culture of quality become extensive and aware. Bridgeport ensures quality devices through continuous improvement at every level, which means continuous training both internally and externally, motivation, making the best working tools available to support all employees with due attention to workplace safety . Bridgeport is certified QUALITY SYSTEM UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949: 2016 and ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEM ISO 14001: 2015