Be Green

Bridgeport for the environment

Successfully looking to the future also means worrying about the future quality of life.

Environmental policy plays a fundamental role in the future vision of Bridgeport and it is the idea that motivates it to work in total respect of the environment, with an eye always turned to the respect of the Planet, in every phase of development of the projects: from the conception to the processing of valves for cars and motorcycles, for air conditioning systems, for refrigerant gases, for fluids and valves for industrial gases.

Safeguarding the environment is in fact essential for the quality of life and for sustainable growth, for this reason the company favors the participation and collaboration of all employees, in the knowledge that, to achieve of the objectives related to environmental protection, their active contribution is decisive.

Bridgeport transforms these values ​​every day into a commitment through the choice of production processes with low environmental impact, thanks to the optimization of recyclable materials and the prevention of pollution at every stage of the production of air valves, gas and fluids.

Attention to the product, in respect of the environment

ISO 14001: 2015 environmental system

Bridgeport adopts an Environmental Management System compliant with the new UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard .

By obtaining certifications, the company aims to ensure the effective functioning of its processes and compliance with regulatory requirements. The monitoring systems used allow a continuous surveillance of the business activity and allow the identification of any deviations from their objectives.

The main objectives of the company, pursued at every step of processing air, gas and fluid valves , are: the rational use of resources, the control and reduction of atmospheric emissions, control and the reduction of waste and hazardous substances.

Furthermore, in order to achieve its goals, Bridgeport promotes and promotes the active participation of all workers in the development and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.